Jerry R. Baker, Consultant and President, has over 40 years of experience in multiple disciplines benefiting the Airline, Aviation, and Technical Industries. With proven success in winning sales campaigns in multiple regions of the world, we provide consulting and contract support for International Marketing and Sales.
Engine and Technical International Sales
Marketing & Business Development
Contract Negotiation

Leveraging 15-years of Sales Experience with the Engine Alliance to provide consulting and contracting for the Aviation Industry in Sales, Leasing, & Procurement.  Leveraging proven success in winning sales orders in the Middle East, Russia, and South East Asia to help Aviation and other Technical Companies' seeking international sales markets.

As Vice-President of Sales for the Engine Alliance, Jerry led Marketing and Business Development strategy in world-wide Global Markets.  He worked in strategic partnership with Airbus A380 Marketing in the Japan Marketplace.  By leveraging this experience, we can assist your company in market development and marketing strategy.

With extensive experience in negotiating Sales and after Market Service Contracts with Airlines, Maintenance Repair Facilities, and Vendors, we can assist you in in after market contract negotiations in multiple disciplines.  Expertise in evaluating Fuel Burn and Reliability Guarantees, Maintenance Costs Projections, and after-market service offerings.

Engine Maintenance and Engineering Support

Leveraging 25 years of experience in managing the CF6 Operating Fleet, enables assistance with managing an engine program for in-service reliability, the engineering workscope process, and long-term maintenance cost management.


Expertise in procuring U.S. Government Advocacy

Extensive experience working with the U.S. Commerce Department Advocacy Center on world-wide sales campaigns, provides a strong base to assist U.S. Aerospace and Technical companies as well as International Airlines in seeking U.S. Government Support and Advocacy for International sales and business.

U.S. Trade and Development Agency Training Grants

With successin securing USTDA Training Grants in support of several international sales campaigns, we can assist US Aviation and Technical Companies in the application process for sales campaigns in developing nations as well as assist International Companies with Technical and Management Training in the USA.